Introducing MACA's Four Stone Collections

MACA embodies the power of four - in its name, values, and collections (Slate, Marble, Sandstone, Translucent). Mined from India's quarries, these stones offer diverse textures for indoor and outdoor...

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Introducing MACA's Four Stone Collections - MACA STONE

At MACA, the number four is a recurring theme. Obviously, our name is four letters. We also adhere to the guiding values of our four "S" principles - Sustainability, Strength, Sincerity, and Simplicity. And each of our products belongs to one of our four bespoke collections: Slate, Marble, Sandstone and Translucent.

From our quarries in a remote part of India's rugged Madhya Pradesh region, we mine some of the world's most pristine examples of slate, marble and sandstone, all of them highly texturized and individually crafted from thousands of years spent in ancient streams, exposed to natural weather elements. These stones form the basis of MACA's debut offerings to the North American market.

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At South Korea's Chanel flagship store in Seoul, Asita from MACA's slate collection adorns the façade.

Like all our products, the slate collection is suitable for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications, and can be applied to flat or curved surfaces. This collection is also our most diverse, with a little something for every taste.

Abhra is a crystal white slate dominated by vivid pink and gold clusters, with a delicate and ethereal presence, while Mantra and Asita are darkly sophisticated, the former with a uniformly geometric look, the latter more abstract. Other standouts are Bodhi, laced by subtle yet stunning shades of red and copper; Maya, an ebullient stone reminiscent of the light at dusk; and Surya, a maximalist stone ideal as a true statement piece -- either for a central bar or accent wall.

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Bodhi slabs from MACA's slate collection adorn the façade of this high-end spa in Shenzhen, China.

For an elegant and chic aesthetic, look no further than our marble collection. Clean and refined, our textured marble works especially well when juxtaposed against traditional or geometric design elements.

Looking for something that pairs a classic 1920s marble look with a dash of the avant garde? Sample Lanita, a pearl white marble traced by delicate black veining, which has adorned some of the world's most exclusive hotels and designer boutiques. Shukla, a highly linear marble, can add warmth and refinement to your space; Tala and its delicate rose gold appearance will stop viewers in their tracks; Pari, our most ethereal marble, is a geometric stone with ultra-thin veins and a light dusting of gold.

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In this newly-built contemporary home, Shukla from MACA's marble collection lends elegance.

Each product in our sandstone collection sports a timeless beauty, with an inherent earthiness that further reinforces the stone's hardiness. Warm tones bring coziness and a touch of tranquility to a space, providing a welcome respite from the busy outside world.

Choosing the right flavor of sandstone can be difficult, but consider the application, as well as the entire property's style. Savita, a beige sandstone with sunshine-like burnt orange veins, is a popular choice for museums, university campuses, civic centers and houses of worship. Hema is more demure, with creamy white undertones and a matte finish, ideal for a modern or minimalist look. And Moonga, with its striking red coral look, is well-suited for exterior cladding, while also contrasting with interiors finished in dark hardwood and stone.

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The earthy, organic tones from our sandstone collection lend even large spaces a feeling of warmth.

Made from ultra-thin slate, our translucent collection is a beautiful way to add vivid character to your home or business. With its ability to allow light to pass through, the slabs bring a naturally warm glow to a space, and backlit translucent stone creates stunning surfaces that are sure to draw the attention of everyone in a room. 

Even when unlit, translucent stone is beautiful in its natural state. Whether backlit with LEDs or with natural light, this collection is a sure-fire way to make your design stand out as truly unique. For a more geometric translucent look, Mantraand Maya are popular choices; for those seeking something more boldly abstract; look to Surya or Tathastu.

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Whether backlit or unlit, our translucent collection lights up a room with breathtakingly unique swirls.

Whichever of our four collections and each of the products within you gravitate towards, know that there's no real wrong choice -- designing a space is all about individual style and taste. The list of opportunities is exciting. It can also be overwhelming, so if you are interested in better understanding the differences between each collection, or what a certain slab might look like when lit, we at MACA can help! Contact us and one of our design specialists will be in touch.

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