MACA Presents Kosha, an Elegant Deep Gray Stone From Our Slate Collection

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MACA Presents Kosha, an Elegant Deep Gray Stone From Our Slate Collection - MACA STONE

In contrast to other gray stones in MACA's slate collection, Kosha is a true deep gray, with fewer color undertones and highlights. That essence gives the natural stone a cave-like and guarded aesthetic, which is especially ideal for creating a cozy and safe atmosphere in any given living space.

Derived from the ancient Sanskrit language, the word kosha is translated in English to mean a "covering" or a "sheath," as for a knife or dagger. In a less literal sense, kosha has also been used to mean a sheath for the human body - a covering of naïveté that is slowly stripped away over time as we learn and grow throughout our lives. In a similar manner, the MACA Stone version of kosha provides a sense of protection, albeit one mixed with an air of mystery.

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At the high-end restaurant shown above, the structure's cave-like interior architecture is strikingly enhanced by bendable slabs of Kosha, while the chosen lighting fixtures display the stone's visual depth and dimension.

Kosha is sourced in the Himalayan mountains of northernmost India, near the mountainous and forested resort town of Auli, and subsequently goes through MACA's state-of-the-art peeling process and lightly polished. The resulting product retains the look and feel of natural stone, yet is notably thinner and far easier to transport and install than traditional stone slabs.

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Endlessly versatile, Kosha can be applied to almost any surface, including gypsum board (commonly known as drywall), wood, metal, concrete and more. And these ultra-thin and ultra-light slabs are also bendable and flexible, meaning they work well with curved or irregularly-shaped surfaces.

Kosha can also be applied to a completely flat surface, such as the bed backing in a bedroom. As seen in the image above, LED lighting placed at the top of the stone brings a radiant quality to the natural stone that seemingly filters all the way down to the bed.

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One of our favorite uses of Kosha is shown above in this living room, where slabs of Kosha are interspersed by open shelving hewn from unvarnished wood, creating a bounty of beauty from these natural elements being married together. That's another great facet of Kosha - it works equally well on its own or when paired with and complementing other materials!

And Kosha's versatility isn't just limited to different spaces in the interior of your home. The stone's even-toned dark gray hue makes it a stunning choice for a home's exterior cladding, exterior walkways and even the walls of a swimming pool, where natural light and water create an effervescent beauty. All MACA slabs are 100% waterproof and suitable for extreme weather conditions, such as seen on the pool area of the contemporary estate below.

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With its richly hued and "true gray" appearance, you can't go wrong with choosing Kosha for your next project. Just keep in mind that as a cloaking colour, gray presents a certain feeling of safety and security from the outside world, providing coziness and a feeling of hibernation. As such, the accent colors used along with your chosen shade of gray should be either warm or cool to match the base tone and atmosphere you desire to create without clashing.

For more information on Kosha -- or any of MACA's natural stone products, visit our website.

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