100% Natural Stone
Hand Peel
Easy to Install
Slate Wall Panel
Marble Wall Panels
Sandstone Veneer
Translucent Stone Panel
10 Year Warranty
  • Welcome to MACA Stone, where innovation seamlessly intertwines with tradition. At the forefront of stone processing, we utilize cutting-edge technology to meticulously extract ultra-light, ultra-thin slabs from the earth's most exquisite natural stones. Our pioneering methods are not only eco-friendly but also sustainable, ensuring we provide products that epitomize the perfect harmony of natural strength, unparalleled flexibility, and timeless aesthetic appeal.

  • Hand-Peeled Artistry Meets Innovation

    At MACA Stone, we are at the vanguard of industry transformation, employing groundbreaking technology to skillfully extract ultra-light, ultra-thin slabs from the world's finest natural stones. Our commitment to artisanal craftsmanship is evident in every piece we produce: each slab is 100% hand-peeled, a process spanning 48 hours from quarry to sheet, ensuring unparalleled quality and attention to detail. We uphold the art of traditional craftsmanship, as no machines are used for cutting, offering our clients slabs that are not only technologically advanced but also imbued with timeless artistry.

Sculpting Sustainable Elegance

Discover MACA Stone's versatility for unique, personalized designs, ideal for curved surfaces and easily adaptable. Emphasizing the inherent natural beauty of and unique aesthetics of the stones, our eco-friendly approach ensures each product resonates with both aesthetic appeal and environmental responsibility.

Discover the Essence of MACA Stone

Embark on a journey with MACA Stone, where each slab embodies timeless beauty and exquisite craftsmanship. Transform your spaces into a reflection of your vision with our masterpieces. Discover our diverse stone selections and begin to craft a space that echoes your unique style. Step into MACA Stone’s world, where sophistication and character redefine your surroundings.

  • Architectural Versatility

    With MACA Stone, experience architectural versatility that complements any design ethos, from classic to contemporary.

    Design Adaptability

    Multi-Texture Options

    Flexibility for Curved Surfaces

  • Easy Installation

    MACA Stone offers a streamlined installation process, designed for the convenience of both professional installers and DIY aficionados. Our stone ensures a smooth and efficient experience, making elegance easy to achieve.

    Time Efficiency

    Simple installation process (Tiling)

    Short on-Site construction time

  • Natura Aesthetic

    MACA Stone celebrates the intrinsic beauty of nature with a diverse range of patterns and textures. Our stones, each with their unique natural allure, provide endless possibilities to match your aesthetic vision.

    Varied Patterns

    Authentic Textures

    Color Richness

    Harmonious with Nature

  • Sustainable Elegance

    Make an environmentally conscious decision with MACA Stone, a natural material boasting a 10-year warranty and a 40-year life-span for lasting sustainability.

    Natural Longevity

    Unique Texture

    Versatile Application

    Low Carbon Footprint

We at MACA Stone craft each slab to be more than just a surface; we see it as a pivotal element in transforming your space. Our veneers, perfect for facades, fireplaces, or adding elegance to your entertainment area, are selected with precision, ensuring that every installation is a testament to our commitment to artistry and quality. This isn't just about enhancing a material—it's about shaping an ambiance, a lasting elegance that we hope inspires pride with every glance.


Esay Installation

Easy to transport and install, MACA Stone Veneers reduce labor and equipment needs. Our adaptability allows on-site adjustments, streamlining construction time and enhancing efficiency. Compared to concrete-heavy alternatives, MACA minimizes on-site pollution, offering a swift and eco-friendly solution for your space.



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