1.Is this real stone? How can it be that thin?

Our product features a 100% natural stone surface, created through a real stone peeling process rather than cutting.

2. What are the sizes? Can I customize the sizes?

We offer standard sizes of 24in x 48in, along with some options in 48in x 96in and 48in x 120in. Thicknesses range from 1.5mm to 4mm (1/16" to 1/8"). Customization is available for minimum orders of 20,000 sq. ft., but please note that these custom orders cannot be returned. 

3. Are the materials easy to cut? What tool should I use?

Our products are easy to cut using various tools. For convenience, we recommend using a circular saw or a track saw with a fine-toothed blade.

4. What is the strength of the material despite its thinness?

 Our material is designed to be tough and resilient. It is strong and waterproof, with a life span of over 40 years according to lab tests. Moreover, we provide a 10-year warranty, which is longer than that of any other brand selling similar products.

5. What types of substrates are suitable for application?

They can be applied to a wide variety of flat or curved surfaces, including gypsum board (also known as drywall), wood, metal, concrete, and others.

6. Are there any specific requirements for the construction substrate? And what is the process for adhering the material to the substrate?

To adhere our products to the substrate, ensure the substrate is clean and free of bumps. Then cover all the edges of the veneers with masking tape to prevent the adhesive from staining the stone surface during application. Afterward, apply a qualified adhesive to the entire back of the product or the substrate surface. Once the material is in place, use a pressure roller to enhance the adhesion of the products to the substrate.

7. What is Surface Roughness Index (SRI) in the product description?

The Surface Roughness Index (SRI) is a measure used to quantify the texture or roughness of a material's surface. It essentially reflects how smooth or rugged the surface of a material is. In the context of building materials like stone, tiles, or veneers, SRI becomes particularly important as it influences both the aesthetic appeal and functional aspects like adhesion, friction, and wear resistance.
For our products, the SRI is an important parameter, as it directly impacts the material's natural appearance and its suitability for various applications. Higher SRI values generally indicate a rougher texture, which might be desirable for certain design aesthetics or functional requirements like non-slip surfaces. Conversely, lower SRI values signify a smoother surface, often preferred for sleek, polished finishes.
Understanding the SRI of our products can help you make more informed choices about their suitability for your specific project needs, whether you're aiming for a rustic feel or a more refined look.

8. How do I handle the seams of the stone veneers?

To address the seams of the stone veneers with an SRI of 1-4, you can use grouting or installing metal trims. For those materials with an SRI of 1 or 2, a butt joint is also an effective method.

9. How do I handle the corner?

To properly finish the corners of products with an SRI of 1-4, you can utilize grouting or corner metal trims to create a neat junction. For products with an SRI of 1 or 2, options include a lap joint or mitering for a more precise edge. However, for products with an SRI of 3, a lap joint should only be used when layering a textured edge over a smoother one. It's advisable to avoid lap joints or mitering for products with an SRI of 4 for optimal results.

10. What should I do if the veneer installed on walls and need to touch the floor or ceiling?

When installing veneer on walls that extends to meet the floor or ceiling, we recommend the use of a metal reveal. This creates a visually appealing transition and maintains a clean and professional appearance between the stone veneer and the adjacent surfaces.

11. What adhesive should I use?

For indoor and outdoor application, we recommend to use Liquid Nails® Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive, Litokol® Litoelastic EVO and Litokol® EpoxyÉlite EVO. For the translucent collection installation, a clear construction adhesive is needed when applying our translucent stone to an acrylic board or tempered glass.

12. Has the translucent collection always had a warm and yellow tone? Are there any other colors available? Is the installation process for the translucent collection different from that of other collections?

The original shade of the translucent series is based on its regular version when there is no backlighting. For instance, the original shade of Translucent Maya matches the Slate Collection Maya. The final effect of the translucent collection depends on the color of the backlight and the installation method. For example, a blue light source will result in a blue hue for the translucent product.

Yes, there are differences between installing the translucent series and the regular series. For optimal results, we recommend a 6-inch gap between the light panel and our translucent stone panel, and the use of an acrylic board or tempered glass as the substrate for the stone panel. Additionally, a clear adhesive is necessary to attach the stone panel to the clear substrate.

13. Is it suitable for outdoor use? How well does it withstand weather conditions? Will the color fade over time?

Our product is suitable for outdoor use and is weather-resistant and stable, meaning it will not stretch or warp due to weather conditions. We have conducted various tests to confirm its resistance to weathering, rain's acidity and alkalinity, temperature differences, and oxygen index.

    Since our product is made from 100% natural stone, it will not significantly fade over time. However, there may be slight color changes due to oxidation caused by exposure to ultraviolet light, which are hard to notice and will not affect its overall appearance.

    14. Can I apply it to the shower wall?

    Certainly, our products are waterproof and ideal for shower wall installations. Ensure you use a waterproof adhesive during application.

    15. Can I apply the stone sheets on curved walls and pillars?

    Yes, our products are highly flexible, their most significant characteristic, allowing for application on curved walls and pillars with a minimum curve diameter of 15 inches.

    16. Can it be used on a fireplace wall?

    Yes, our products are resistant to temperatures up to 400°F and are suitable for the surrounding walls of the fireplace. However, they should not be used on the interior walls that come into direct contact with flames.

    17. Can it be applied to ceilings?

    Yes, as long as the surface to which it is being applied is clean and has no bumps.

    18. Can I use it in sauna rooms?

    Yes, you can apply it to the walls of a sauna room using a waterproof adhesive.

    19. Can it be used for swimming pools?

    Yes, it can be applied in swimming pools when using a waterproof adhesive.

    20. Can it be used on exterior walls?

    Yes, it can be used as an exterior building façade. Our products are very easy to install, offering installation speeds up to six times faster than traditional stone and weighing only 1/10th as much, adding no extra load to the structure. This can save a significant amount of time and money, especially for large-scale projects.

    21. Can it be used on retaining walls?

    Yes, it can be used on both the top and sides of retaining walls.

    22. Is it suitable for roofs?

    No, it is not recommended for use on roofs.

    23. Can it be used for flooring?

    Although our product is sufficiently durable, it is not ideal for flooring because the textured surface requires more frequent cleaning, making it high maintenance. However, it can be used for indoor decorative applications where its unique texture can be showcased without the concern of heavy foot traffic.

    24. Can it be used as kitchen countertops?

    Since the material's surface is raw and textured, it's typically not advised for heavy-use areas. However, for a natural stone appearance, it can be applied to bar tops not used for kitchen prep. It is well-suited for vertical surfaces.

    25. Can it be used on furniture or cabinetry?

    Yes, because it can be easily cut and adhered, it can make your furniture a unique piece and adorn your cabinetry, giving it a natural look.

    26. As an artist, can I use it for artistic creations?

    Definitely! Some of our stone materials can be cut with tin snips, and all are suitable for laser cutting, allowing you to achieve the precise shapes you desire. This enables the creation of unique and beautiful maca stone collages!

    27. Do you offer cutting service?

    We do not provide a cutting service. For greater precision, we recommend cutting the material on-site according to your design.

    28. Do you sell metal trims?

    We currently don't offer metal trims, but we're excited to let you know that they will be available for purchase shortly. We appreciate your patience!

    29. Do you have inventory in the U.S.? What is the lead time?

    Yes, we have a warehouse in California. Estimated delivery usually takes 6 to 10 business days or less for products we have in stock. For items that are not available or in short supply, the lead time is approximately 8 to 10 weeks, which includes new manufacturing and shipping.

    30. Where are you located? Do you guys have a showroom?

    We are located in Los Angeles. Our showroom is by appointment only.

    31. I’m a contractor/designer, is there a trade program for a discount?

    Yes, we offer a trade program for industry professionals. Please click here to apply. Upon approval, you will be eligible for a special discount!