Crafting Bespoke Art Using MACA Natural Stone

Unleash creativity with MACA's thin stone slabs for bespoke sculptures and art. Laser-cut intricate designs and textures, transforming natural stone into captivating masterpieces. Explore limitless possibilities with MACA's versatile stones...

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Crafting Bespoke Art Using MACA Natural Stone - MACA STONE

MACA stone collections aren't just suitable for DIY indoor and outdoor property design, they also function fabulously as bespoke artwork. And because all MACA products are made from natural stone, any of the sculptures and unique creations you design will have an earthy and long-lasting effect.

As MACA stone is ultra-thin, unlike traditionally thick stone slabs, a laser cutter or electric saw can be used to cut through and easily shape most of our products. From there, the possibilities are essentially limitless -- you can use one or multiple MACA stone products to form a shape that stands all on its own, or combine the stone with any number of other materials. Take a look at the examples below, which talented artists have created on their own using MACA stone slabs.

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Elegant and serene, this sculpture depicts a traditional Chinese scene of a rider and his stallion. With the exception of the yellow background, everything in this image was crafted from six different cut and polished MACA stones: the rider's face was hewn from Apsara marble, while his dark clothes are a mixture of Asita and Tathastu slate. The horse itself is pure Surya slate, the saddle is Dhyana slate and deep reddish reins are Moonga sandstone.

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MACA stone slabs are also suitable for highly intricate stenciling or trace-work. Above, you can see how a traditional tribal seal was crafted into the top layer of a large slab of slate. The weathered and textured stone provides natural aging that makes the seal and artwork appear antique.

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With a very deft hand and assistance from a laser cutting tool, you can even design a custom cut-out version of a stone slab. Above, see how one of our products has been carefully and painstakingly modified to create a detailed piece of art. In image #1, the remains of the stone following the laser cut-outs show how detailed you can make a particular cutting. In image #2, the intricate cut-outs have been placed upon another stone surface, giving the visual impression of an ancient seal that was been sculpted into existence many eras ago.

In this use case, the highly textured nature of the stone has been used to give the piece extra depth and dimension, plus an industrial-chic grittiness.

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One of our favorite pieces to date is this intricate, painting-like sculpture that depicts a springtime scene of birds in a flowering tree. The scene was crafted almost entirely from MACA stone cut-outs, with the textured nature of the stone providing 3D-like dimension and a varied color palette that changes hues based on the lighting and angle from which you are viewing the art.

However you choose to modify MACA products, our widely varied array of stones provide numerous choices to suit whatever look you decide to pursue -- some are more matte and dark, others shiny and reflective. For more information on any of the collections, visit our website.

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